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Our History

Established in 1977, we at Old Fashioned Meat Company have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best corned beef in the market. Located near Chicago's Midway Airport, the company has grown and become a household name amongst Corned Beef lovers. Old Fashioned Meat Co, is a family owned and operated business and thanks to the success we have and encouragement from our wonderful customers, we are becoming a household favorite coast to coast!

We stand by our products

We use only USDA choice or higher grade briskets, assuring our customers that they are paying for USDA Choice and getting it. Our highly skilled butchers hand trim the briskets in our plant to meet our specifications and provide the highest yields for our retail and Deli customers. Our corned beef is manufactured using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, cured in vats "the Old Fashioned way". This is why our secret recipe is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding palate.

We make retail and institution corned beef briskets and rounds. We pride ourselves with keeping our product as natural as possible by not using chemicals that help meat retain water and by not adding artificial life extenders. Our product is also gluten free!