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  • My family has been eating OLD Fashioned Corned beef for over 30 years. St. Patrick's day is the favorite day of the year for our extended family, becasue of the corned beef and beer. we are now spoiled because no one can beat "Old fashioned". Many have tried!

  • Once again, I am sending a BIG thank you for making my St. Patrick's Day party a resounding success!!! Old Fashioned Brand corned beef is the absolute BEST I have ever had. and believe me, I have tried them all!
    My family and friends would never miss my party - the flavor is next to none and would not be the same without your corned beef. Thank you again for your product and customer service in getting it to me - you are the best!

  • This recipe is a keeper for me. Seasoning is just right as I just cooked it and, it was delicious. No need for salt of pepper and I had enough to save for tomorrow.